Message from Programme Coordinator

I am very much pleased to say that Victoria has been successfully executing the BBA programme since 2009. I believe it will go even better and more productive in the days to come.
The part of challenges yesterday was acknowledged as the opportunities; same outlook is nurtured at present and will be cultivated in future too.
Simultaneously, we have been receiving the persistent support and cooperation from students as well as guardians. Moreover, our team sprit, visionary planning and service motive will guide and lead us to achieve every success in future.
Obviously, you all want to make the difference in your life. You do possess that inherent power which determines your career and future ultimately. We simply make this power visible and applicable in your life. In this regard VIC would be the most appropriate destination for the people who have the strong desire to grow with the corporate culture with better management.
The course of BBA shapes your understanding and attitude in such a way that you can stand for any competition with a charismatic personality and confidence. Basically it provides you the knowledge, skill and attitude suitable for the rewarding career in business and management. Wide range of subjects and extra curricular activities widen your educational horizon.
The facility of e-library will assist you to enrich the information. Qualified and experienced faculties will not only facilitate to overcome the problems of your regular courses but also impart the sense of motivation. We are committed to generate utmost dedication of our students towards their study.
We will explore every nook and corner to prepare them to be more focused and smarter in their field. Finally, I would request you to visit the college and feel the difference.
KB Chaudhary
Programme Coordinator